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Psych References

Psychology In The News

PsycPORT: Psychology Newswire

The American Psychological Association's news about psychology.

ScienceDaily: Psychology News
ScienceDaily has news, videos, articles, and more.

Psychology Today
The website for this monthly print magazine also has a section on psychology news and articles.

Organizations and Societies

What are some professional organizations for psychologists, and what do they do?

Canadian Psychological Association
The CPA is a voluntary organization that represents the interests of all aspects of psychology in Canada.

Provincial & Territorial Associations

Provincial & Territorial Regulatory Bodies

These are lists of links to all psychology associations and regulatory bodies for every province and territory in Canada .

Canadian Counseling Association
Members of this association of professionally trained counselors work in a diversity of fields, including education, social work, mental health, government, and private practice.

Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Science
The CSBBCS is devoted to advancing experimental psychology and behavioral neuroscience in Canada.

American Psychological Association
The APA is a large scientific and professional organization that represents psychology in the United States; it is more inclined toward professional/clinical aspects of psychology.

Association for Psychological Science
The APS was established specifically to represent and promote research, application, and teaching aspects of psychology as a science, rather than just clinical aspects.

The Psychonomic Society
This organization, founded to promote the communication of scientific research in psychology and related sciences, publishes scientific journals.

Scholarly Societies Project
This site, sponsored by the University of Waterloo Library, has an exhaustive list of professional associations and societies in psychology worldwide.


Few scientific journals make the full text of each article available online. Many allow you to purchase a subscription to get full access. Materials (e.g., table of contents, abstracts, full text) that are available for free online in each journal are noted below.

Canadian Journals American Psychological Association Journals Association for Psychological Science Journals
  • APS Journals
    The APS (formerly called the American Psychological Society) publishes the journals Psychological Science, Current Directions in Psychological Science, and Psychological Science in the Public Interest.
Psychonomic Society Journals

Publishes the journals Learning & Behavior (formerly Animal Learning & Behavior); Behavior Research Methods, Instruments, & Computers; Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience; Memory & Cognition; Perception & Psychophysics; and Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.

Electronic Journals Publishers Miscellaneous Journals

Student Journals

  • Canadian Undergraduate Journal of Cognitive Science
    This electronic journal, published by the Cognitive Science Student Association at Simon Fraser University, provides a forum for students to share work among peers and gain valuable experience in the process of getting an academic paper published.
  • Graduate Student Journal of Psychology
    A peer-reviewed journal consisting of both empirical and theoretical articles written by graduate (doctoral and masters-level) students in the areas related to clinical and counseling psychology.
  • Journal of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences
    Published by the Psychology Department of Fairleigh Dickinson University at Madison, New Jersey, the JPBS offers students an opportunity to publish articles in any topical area of psychology in a recognized academic journal.

Conference Listings

Scientific conferences are a common way for psychologists to share research findings and ideas on an annual basis.

CPA’s Coming Events
A list of upcoming scientific conferences related to psychology in Canada and worldwide, including the CPA annual convention.

APA Event Calendar
Includes information on the APA annual convention.

International Listing of Congresses & Conferences in Psychology
Lists international conferences up to five years in advance.

Psychology Conferences Worldwide
Listing provided by Conference Alerts.



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