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Degrees and Careers


Pursuing Psychology Further

What kind of careers can studying psychology lead to, and what are the job prospects like?

Online Schools

This site contains links regarding online education all about psychology..

Psychology- Scientific Problem Solvers-- Careers for the 21st Century

For any student considering a career in psychology, explore this excellent introduction to psychology, the kinds of work psychologists do, and the training required to become a psychologist, prepared by the American Psychological Association (pdf format).

Psychology Quick Facts
The Canadian Psychological Association provides answers to some frequently asked questions about psychologists and their work (pdf format).

Marky Lloyd's Careers in Psychology Page
This site, for those looking at a career in psychology, has an interesting section on how to make the most of your undergraduate years.

Employment and Careers in Psychology
This online manual, prepared by the University of Calgary, discusses job prospects in psychology for those with a Bachelor’s degree, or an advanced degree.

Graduate School and Careers in Psychology
John Suler's page describes careers in psychology and graduate school training routes, with a focus on counselling and psychotherapy.

Before You Choose a Psychology Major describes psychology as a major, and gives a good idea of the range of careers in human services, with links to more information.

Admissions: Helpful Hints
This page provides tips on getting into a research-oriented graduate school in psychology, and also has inside information on how admission decisions are made and what you can do to increase your chances of acceptance (pdf format).

For those who are seriously interested in pursuing their education in psychology beyond an undergraduate degree, this award-winning site is a great resource.
Has information on more than 700 Canadian universities, colleges, and career colleges to help you make a choice.

Psychological Research at Canadian Universities

Where can I find out more about research in psychology at Canadian universities?

Psychology Departments in Canada
This site has links to all psychology departments across Canada.

CPA Canadian Universities
This page has links to all psychology departments at Canadian universities offering graduate programs, including programs in professional/counselling and educational psychology.

Canadian Council of Professional Psychology Programs

The CCPPP represents psychology programs and internships for training to become clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, and clinical neuropsychologists.

CPA's Graduate Guide
This downloadable guide has detailed descriptions of graduate psychology programs at Canadian universities (pdf format).



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